Nick Chavez was born to Victor & Josie Chavez on August 15, 1978 at 11:51 P.M. in San Diego California at Sharps Memorial Hospital. He was a healthy baby boy for his first 8 hours of life until one of the care nurses noticed that Nick was turning blue. The doctor was notified and after a series of tests it was determined that Nick had a congenital heart defect. Within his first day after birth, the doctor inserted a catheter which extended to his heart. The catheter had a balloon on its tip so that once into his heart it could be expanded and would make a hole between chambers in his heart where the blood and oxygen mix. The procedure gave Nick a chance for survival until he was big enough to under-go open heart surgery. For Nick’s first 18 months of life he was frail and sickly. He had a blue tint to his fingers, lips, and ears. Nick had open heart surgery at the age of 18 months. Almost immediately following the surgery, Nick’s appearance changed. His color was healthy and he began to gain weight. He was active and had energy for the first time in his little life. From that point on, his life was pretty much ordinary thanks to the fine care he received at Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Nicholas was a happy baby and loved everyone.

Nick went to John Foster Elementary School in Allied Gardens. He was an average student, a normal all-American little boy who loved baseball, baseball card collecting, movies, and art. He loved to be the center of attention, he was quite the showman and comedian. His first debut featured a lip-synched rendition of Richie Valens "La Bamba" which was a hit with all the girls.

Junior High School found Nick with new interests. He was an avid reader and he developed an interest in a variety of music. These interests carried with him to his high school years. He studied many of the works and biographies of the Beat writers, along with great literary writers such as Steinbeck and Hemingway. He aspired to be a writer himself someday. He spent numerous hours writing personal thoughts, poetry, and short stories in his journals. Nick also loved to sketch and paint, he was a very creative young man.

Once Nick had finished high school, he moved into his own studio apartment. He found work right away and enrolled in San Diego City College. Nick aspired to become an engineer and planned on working with his Uncle who owns an engineering firm. He was a young man with many hopes and dreams and a bright future.